What To Wear For A Business Brunch.

What to wear for a business brunch.

Not all business looks are formal but you still need to make a fashionable impression, after all, it is a brunch and business in between.

While most business looks come with a blazer or suiting style, you can switch things up by making them a bit casual depending on your environment.

What to wear for a casual business meeting
How to style bodysuits and wide leg pants
How to style a wide leg pants for brunch
How to style bodysuits for summer

Although there is no specific dress code for brunch, most women opt for looks that are chic and dressy. Brunch looks are mostly flowy dresses, floral tops, skirts, light jackets etc depending on your weather. In other to bring on the business element to your look, you have to be in between casual and dressy.

Depending on the setting and the people involved, you can choose the color palette you would love to wear. Since it is a social but business meeting, I would opt for something bright while keeping it classy and dressy. This is where a good bodysuit comes in because you can always build a look with a bodysuit. Next is opting for a midi length skirt or a wide leg pants in my case.

Styling bodysuits
A business brunch look
A business brunch outfit

Bodysuits and wide leg pants have a way of making you look dressy. Wide leg pants can be considered suiting and this one from New York & Company has the perfect satin stripe details on both sides. Those details tie in perfectly with the pink bodysuit, which has a balloon sleeves for that stylish look.

We are ditching a blazer because the weather is hot and opting for this long sleeve bodysuit to keep things modest- remember, it’s a “business” brunch. Feel free to choose a lighter jacket if you have tank tops underneath.


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