Are Water-Based Makeup Products Better Options?

the best water based makeup products to try out

Lately I have been using more water-based makeup products and let me just say I think I prefer them over silicone based. They have a light weight texture which makes your skin look fresher and youthful.

Generally, water based products are ideal for people with dry and sensitive skin. I have dry skin and I think it works great for my skin. However, if you are wanting some more on the subtle or lightweight makeup look, water based products are also ideal for you regardless of your skin type.

The first water based makeup product I used is the Chanel Les Beiges Water Fresh Blush. I found the micro fluid formula (technology) very interesting as it leaves my skin feeling fresh with a hint of color. They are usually not heavily pigmented as they are meant to be gentle on the skin. These are great options especially if your skin is acne prone or even best for dry skin like mine.

is water based makeup product better for dry and oily skin
water based foundation for all  skin types

Water based makeup products are better options because their formulas tend to be packed with nourishing skin loving ingredients. These ingredients leave your skin moisturized and youthful looking. Note that because they are lightweight, they tend to be more hydrating for all skin types. They are free of silicones and mostly water and pigment and ideal for dehydrated skin.


Undone beauty is another makeup brand that has proven itself to be a water based. Their minimal products align with me everyday makeup looks. I worked and continue to work with them to create looks using their Water blush, Water highlighter and Water Bronzer. These three products are the perfect example of subtle fresh skin. They deliver a cooling effect to my skin upon application and leaves it looking youthful. I love that they are not super pigmented, which is great for an everyday makeup look.

The Chanel Water Fresh Tint and Complexion touch are the next products I want to add to my collection for those no makeup makeup days.

the best water based makeup products to try out
the best water based makeup products to try out

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