How To Curate A Sustainable Fall Wardrobe.

how to style thrifted pieces for Fall
A sustainable way to style Fall looks.
How To Build a sustainable wardrobe for Fall.
Sweater, Blazer and Pants- Thrift Store Find.
How to style a green outfit for Fall

I love a good thrift find. It’s the thrill I get from finding an amazing item in excellent condition, quality and fit. Most times, I am lucky to find new items, never worn, incredible brands and great vintage pieces. Speaking of incredible brands, I found this Haggar cognac blazers with gold buttons in my local goodwill store. Perfect lining, everything in tact and the fit is incredible. Blazers like these go for around $100, but I got mine for less than $7. Definitely a great pair with this Old Navy maxi dress I also found new and under $7.

how to shop secondhand clothes for Fall
How To Build a sustainable wardrobe for Fall.

While thrifting may not be your thing, I encourage you to take ONE trip to your local thrift store to see what you can find for your Fall closet. Don’t go with a particular item in mind, but have an open mind to shift through the racks in search for something worth including in your Fall collection.

how to style sustainable fall outfits.

Another great tip is by styling your pieces as your shop. The last thing you want to do is leave the thrift shop without knowing how you to style your pieces. These are the best times to thrift pieces that are made of wool and thrift stores have a stash of those items.

Items that make up a functional Fall wardrobe

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