Is Luxury Beauty Worth The Hype?.

Is Chanel the best luxury makeup brand?

Sometimes we pay a little more for a brand and not necessarily because they are worth the price. This also applies to almost everything in life as well as luxury makeup and skincare.

Spending more on a service or product generally gives the impression of a better quality even when they are not the best in most cases.

Is Luxury beauty worth the hype?
what is the best luxury beauty brand?
is luxury makeup better than drugstore makeup?

There is nothing against buying high end/luxury makeup but the pressing question is: Is it delivering your expected result? If the answer is yes, by all means keep purchasing them and if the answer is no, then you have it. In my opinion, I will say it depends on the look you tend to achieve. In most cases, luxury makeup is not worth the hype when you consider that most drugstore makeup brands can deliver better results for the fraction of the price.

Lately, I have been purchasing and using more luxury beauty products and I am going to be honest, it’s about experimenting with these product and also having these names in my collection. I am gradually understanding that not all luxury makeup product is worth me spending my money on, as I continue to see swatch reviews done by other beauty lovers. The same principle applies to non luxury beauty products. I buy them because I want to experiment with them, or they fit into my beauty lifestyle.

luxury beauty vs drugstore beauty.

It is important to note that most luxury beauty brands own drugstore makeup as well. They produce very similar product and just spend more for their luxury packaging, that is why we compare products and call them dupes like the Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter which Elf produced one very similar, called the Halo Glow filter. I have never tried the Charlotte tilbury one but from all indication especially swatch videos I have watched, I personally prefer the Elf one.

On the other hand, think of affordability and what maters to you as an individual. Luxury makeup is totally worth it if you love the brand and it works great for you. Right now Chanel Beauty has my heart, from the moment I got their Les beiges healthy glow bronzing cream, to their water fresh blush, now I want their Les Beiges Water Fresh tint. I guess that is how you start loving and building a luxury beauty collection. This however doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same result with a drugstore brand or any other brand.

is luxury makeup a better option than drugstore makeup
is luxury makeup a better option than drugstore makeup

The deciding factor for me is the end result I am looking for. Since I wear less makeup, skin loving weightless and water fresh beauty products have been on constant rotation for me, hence Chanel beauty because their Les beiges line provides a more natural and weightless feel for an everyday look. Lancome is right up my vanity and I will deep diving into the products I have soon.

Do you have luxury makeup products? If so, which brand and what product? I hope you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to stay connected with me on Instagram @joyebenspiff. TIKTOK  and Pinterest Simplystylebyj.

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