How To Make Your House A Mini Spa Home.

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A well deserved and relaxed time doesn’t always have to be in the four corners of an actual Spa. You can create a luxurious Spa moment for yourself in your home. All you need is the right tool and a nook to create that self-care experience at home.

Whether we admit it or not, 2020 was a turning point for almost everyone including myself. Things shifted from social interactions to islolation and becoming home bodies. Before that year, I was out frequently to get my hair and nails done. I always looked forward to a relaxing mani pedi day at the nail saloon (which I still do). Things gradually changed after that.

How to create a spa moment at home
basic skincare tools to use at home

As the year progressed, I began to seek for new ways to make my home comfortable without needing to go out often to get the care that I needed. At that time, I had just become a new mom and that year took a toll on me. I decided to take my self-care journey seriously by investing time and money into getting the tools I need to make my house a mini spa. A nook where I could call “Zen”, the spot where I get to pamper myself a little bit more, after a long day of motherhood and dealing with postpartum stress.

skincare tools you need for a home spa day.

It all started with a facial steamer and then a jade roller, more face masks etc and it was more skincare products, till I built the tools that I needed to take care of myself without going out to get help. The facial steamer kicked it off. It was like having a mini facial session in my bathroom. Next was getting into the gua shas which stimulate blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote lymphatic drainage. These routines ultimately changed the self care game for me. Now, I always look forward to my skin-care moments.

Your atmosphere must be serene if not completely, so you can soak up the moment. If you do not have access to a private space, you can cave out a time when you know you won’t be having any interruptions. For me, it’s usually very early before my boys wake up or late at night.

Once your space has been established, you begin to build your at-home spa collection. This includes Facial tools, body tools, hair tools, candles, aromatherapy candles and oils, robes, towels and skin care, hair-care and body care products.

Finally, the best tip to having a mini home spa, is by being intentional about it and staying consistent. When you are consistent, you begin to see results.

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