Styling A Bold Red Dress For Fall.

Vintage dress holiday look

There is something about styling a bold red dress for Fall. Dresses and skirts are usually very interesting to style for the colder months, because they look more stylish than a typical jeans and sweater look. It takes a little more effort to pull a well curated dress look for Fall, especially if boots are in involved.

A vintage holiday party look
Bold Red Trending Look For Fall

Whether it’s a maxi dress, midi dress or mini dress, they always give a lasting impression for Fall. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to style them with some, midi block heels, platform heels, ankle boots or knee high boots, a Fall dress look always cuts it.

This is a Vintage dress that comes in this bold red color that is on trend for Fall. Red is a very daring color, but also a gorgeous shade to style. It is empowering and looks great on all skin tones. Whether you are wearing a bold red cardigan, sweater or dress, you will definitely make a statement this Fall.

I am glad it is a color that we can wear now and into the holiday season. As for me, I wear all the colors all year round regardless.

How to A wear bold red dress.

If red isn’t a typical color for you to wear, but you want to try this bold trend, you can pair it with neutral shades like tans, browns, beige, black etc, or go bold like me with another contrasting shade like this sea green jacket and accessories.

Going for a pair of boots? a cream ankle length boots will be idle and a knee high boot will take it up notch especial a brown pair of croc boots!. Did you know that crocs are on trend for Fall? I have always loved croc anything especially bags and boots because they bring the sophistication and edginess to a look.

2023 Fall fashion color trend
Fall fashion Trends for 2023

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