The Best Brow Gel To Achieve A Full Brow Look.

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It may look simple to me, but I still have people asking how I achieve my full brow look. This step has been one of the most freeing and easy tips I use when I want full brushed up brows. First, I have natural full brows, which is a plus for me. If however you don’t, keep reading as I will share some tips for you.

how to achieve a full brow look
Elf Brow Lift and How To Achieve A Full Brow Look.
Full Brushed Up Brow Look Idea

In the past, I didn’t use brow gels, but I will fill my brows in so thick that I didn’t realize they didn’t look natural. This time around, I barely use brow pencils to fill my brows in and I can’t do a makeup look without using a brow gel. However, I can afford to do that because my brows are so full and if ever I find some sparse areas on my brows, I use the Grande Cosmetics Brow Gel on those sparse areas in other to get them fuller anywhere from 7days to 2 weeks.

Once my brows are full to where I want them to be, I groom them using my Joey Healy Brow Essential Tools, to give it a little trim and shaping, then I use the Elf Brow Lift to brush them up into the position that I want, laying it flat with a spooly. Once that is done, my brows stay in place all day! This has to be the best brow gel I have used to date.

Another brow gel I have used in the past is the Honest Beauty Brow Gel. This one contains castor oil which makes your brows get fuller. It also conditions your brows as well, making them soft and fluffy.

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how to get a natural looking  laminated brow look
A No foundation Fall Makeup Look.

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