Statement Sleeves!

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In celebration of Black History Month, I decided to go back to my roots in Style.

African prints are the most stylish, elegant and vibrant fabrics I have ever seen! I’m fortunate enough to be Nigerian and I get to explore and create impeccable looks using African fabrics.

Not only are they unique in their textures, patterns and colours, they are of high quality. Their versatility cannot be overemphasised because they can be used to make simple to classy to elegant wears.

The focal point are the sleeves, they are dramatic and stylish. They add that flair to the whole outfit, making a simple little dress stand out.

These African fabrics can be mixed with various fabrics to create looks. The sleeves are made of organza mixed with the traditional fabric. They make the whole look stand out.

These fabrics are not particular to Nigeria as other African countries have their own unique prints and designs. For the most part, generally they are classified under the large umbrella of “African Fabrics”

To shop these fabrics or ready to wear items like this, visit JobimClothing , you truly want to be adorned and be part of a country that is rich in culture, people, food and textile.

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I will forever be proud to be Black and Nigerian! I hope you did enjoy this blog post, don’t forget to subscribe as you leave your comments and suggestions.

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