Styling Denim For Fall.

Hello everyone, welcome back. I hope you all are doing well. Fall is literally upon us as it rained so much here in Oklahoma City. I believe this is the best and appropriate time to begin creating more Fall Inspired Looks for you all. You can follow me on Instagram for daily outfit share. On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing a Fall Transition Look Using Denim.

Denim is such a classic piece and when you have a stylish one like this skirt, it is a keeper. My friend and I decided to style some Fall Inspired Looks using denim, you should totally check out her Instagram Page to see what she came up with.

I decided to style a denim skirt as I think it’s easier to style a denim trouser. With skirts, they are a little bit trickier than trousers so I went with this my favorite thrifted Button Down Denim Skirt. I will be linking a few similar ones HERE & HERE. It is a unique and stylish denim skirt which can go with almost any and everything because of the cinched waist and flare concept.

As a color lover, I had to go with this Color Blocked Cardigan (Sold Out, but keep an eye for it) I got last season from Shein. It is a great way to highlight the denim wash and the blue on the cardigan. Both items are complimentary to each other and they are also a prefect Fall Staple Piece.

Linking Similar Color Blocked Cardigan HERE, HERE,

For my accessories, I went with these my Report Platforms because they are great Fall transition shoes and they compliment the outfit so well, especially the skirt. Chose this Zoet World Evening Box Bag to highlight and compliment the yellow on the cardigan. Every single item is unique on its own and they collectively blend with each other.

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