Emily In Paris Inspired Halloween Look.

I guess most of you are having a blast dressing up and playing the character of your Halloween Looks. Frankly speaking, I have never dressed up for Halloween so when Oklahoma Goodwill Industries reached out to me to partner with them for Halloween, I jumped on the opportunity. I will be sharing more on this Emily In Paris Inspired Look.

As an avid thrifter, I knew that was a good opportunity to come up with a costume that resonates with my personal style and having just watched Emily In Paris, I knew that was the look I was going for. Lily Collins was good at mixing colours, patterns and textures. She played around with lots of tweeds and houndstooth.

I jumped right on the houndstooth fit as that would be easily accessible from Goodwill. I was lucky enough the grab this one and I began to build my whole look. Although I planned on going full houndstooth, it’s very tricky when you go thrifting to see what you “actually” want.

Let’s talk colours and print mixing. Emily In Paris was good with bright bold colours and the best I could get as close to her look while delivering on a houndstooth look, was this Jacket! I love love this jacket and it’s a great thrift find. The colours and pattern are perfect!

With regards to print mixing, I decided to pick houndstooth for my upper look and this bold striped mini skirt for my lower look. I made sure it passed the ‘Common Color” test for print mixing. There are clearly two to four common colors on all three items.

I had fun scouting for this costume and curating the entire look together. I hope you did enjoy this post, leave your comments below telling me what your halloween look was. You can check out my Instagram Page and Youtube Channel for more outfit & makeup inspired looks.

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