An Edgy Sequin Look For The Festive Season.

As I have mentioned earlier, Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I love celebrating it. With that said, I will gradually start dropping some holiday/festive looks on here.

Starting off slowly, is this Edgy Sequin Look which would be perfect for my all black lovers. You can check out My Instagram Page and YouTube Channel for all things Fashion and Beauty.

The holidays come with all things glittery and shiny, but I know some of you are not wired that way that’s why I decided to create a look that isn’t screaming Christmas but yet appropriate for the season if you would love to incorporate a little bit of sequin or glitters in your look.

This look is an easy way to moderately add that extra shine to your outfit for the Holidays and as an All black Edgy lover, you will not look displaced in this look. It is something you can wear out at night to grab a drink or two, have a little indoor house party in, or even a Zoom Christmas party as this year is concerned.

What I decided to do was throw on this my Largely Sequined Cardigan over an inner vest and my faux leather tights I have shared on here a couple of time. Finished up the look with my wet look (Patent) Kenneth Cole Boots to compliment the glossy look on the cardigan. I love how every single item tied together in terms of the patent shiny textures. The boots, the faux leather tights are glossy and they compliment each other while blending nicely with the Sequin Cardigan.

When I found this Cardigan at Half and Half Name Brand Clothing, I knew it was coming home with me because of its unique nature. A Cardigan this beautiful and can keep you warm at the same time is definitely a keeper.



You can never go wrong with black so this is a great option if you don’t want the Cheesy red associated with Christmas or you are not into colors and want to stick to your Black, Neutral Tones with a little bit of Christmassy.

For my accessories, I kept it minimal as possible because the Cardigan/Jacket is already busy but you can totally go all out with your accessories if you wish after all, its the FESTIVE SEASON!

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