Bold Statement Earrings For The Holidays.

Accessories are definitely that extra touch we need to complete an outfit. They could be minimalistic, bold or in between, whichever is your style, they key styling tools.

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I am the type of girl in between dainty minimalistic jewelries and statement jewelries, I love a little bit of both and each for a particular reason or occasion.

For my everyday look, I am more of a dainty minimalistic girl but for events and occasions, I love a little extra statement to my jewelry because they are not worn often but when I need to be more dressy and this Shashi earrings is definitely one of them.

With the festive season here, I count it a time to go bold with our looks including our earrings. It is a time filled with parties, celebrations, get together etc which calls for dressing up and looking your best (not that every other time of the year doesn’t call for it) because its the holidays.

These Shashi Posey Earrings are really gorgeous, I love the fabric, the texture and design. They look heavy but they are absolutely lightweight. They are floral-shaped burlap with thread-wrapped studs, 18k gold plated brass with a post at the back. Unfortunately it is out of stock but I will keep an eye out for it. However, I linked some favourite picks below for you to shop.

You do not necessarily have to use this same type of earrings for the holiday season, it is a guide as to what statement earrings look like for the season. You can absolutely opt for rhinestones, Beads, Glitters etc whichever one appeals to your personal style. However, these ones are well crafted and are beautiful in their design and can go perfectly with a festive dress or outfit you have in mind.

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