Do Lash Serums Work?

If you have been here for a while, you know I hardly fix falsies or lash extensions. While I love how they look and enhance your makeup, I always struggle to get them on and the thought of getting extensions on never sits well with me. These feelings have consciously led me into caring more for my natural lashes, using good lash primers and mascaras to help enhance what I already have.

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I have never used any lash serum until now, and I only started using this Serum a little over 3 weeks now. I will say the idea of a lash serum isn’t bad because I believe it works. While you don’t see elaborate results immediately, it takes 4 weeks for noticeable results to come through and 6-12 weeks for long lasting results.

This Lash Serum comes in a set of two, one for day and the other for night. The day serum is designed to promote the dormant hair follicles in your lashes and take them to perfection (via Glist official) while the night serum helps accelerate hair follicle development 3x faster than average while you are asleep. (Via Glist Official)

While I currently still use these serums, I have used them dedicatedly for over 3 weeks now and I believe they work! I can see little changes in my lashes and even feel confident about it’s potential when I use mascara on my lashes. I see the new little length and they look healthier especially my bottom lashes, which stretches out so much with one swipe of a mascara.


Gently cleanse your face before applying the serum on your lashes, then apply is on the base of the eyelashes with one swipe. (VIA Glist Official) A single swipe of the Day Serum lengthens and volumizes your hair follicle. Use it underneath your fave mascara or use it on its own – however you want to! One swipe the Night Serum before you go to bed repairs, restores, and regenerates each hair follicle giving it 3x faster development for a fresher and brighter-looking glow the next morning. (Via Glist Official)

These Lash Serum are formulated with lash-stimulating ingredients that boost your lashes’ natural renewal cycle for thicker, bolder, and healthier. Their lightweight formulation is absolutely moisturizing and will give your lashes a look that stays vibrant and powerful. Your lashes will stay hydrated because of its essential vitamin content (Via Glist Official)

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