Content Structure & Productivity.

If you are reading this, you made it to 2021 and what else than to be grateful for an opportunity to live and see yet another year.

I have gotten quite a lot of comments on this Blazer I am wearing and if you are wondering too, it’s a Thrifted Blazer which is currently sold out in my Vintage Shop. You should check out MY ETSY SHOP for other vintage listings.

My content structure for my blog will definitely remain the same and centred around Fashion, Styling and Beauty which certainly includes- Skincare & Makeup.

FASHION & STYLING: Bringing you simple ways to style an outfit, Sharing affordable looks, tips on creating and pairing looks, mixing bold vibrant colours, and mixing prints while keeping it simple for those of your who love neutrals. This will also accessorising.

MAKEUP: I always say I am not a professional makeup artist but I’m happy to share my tips on how I create my looks. I will share more of that, review products- palettes, foundations, highlighters, bronzers, mascaras etc. For visual understanding of how I do my makeup, you can check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and INSTAGRAM PAGE.

SKINCARE: I love a good skincare routine and this year, I decided to amp my at home skincare products and routine by adding a face steamer which I will be reviewing soon on my blog. I will keep sharing skincare products I used or currently using as well as PR products. For the records, I am dry skinned and I use and share what is good for my skin type. If you are suffering from a particular skin problem, I cannot recommend anything except you speak to your dermatologist first. I can only share benefits of what I use and how they work for me.

MY VINTAGE SHOP: I have to work on getting new listings to my shop but you can definitely shop items on there though this link HERE.

AFFILIATE LINKS: For the records, 99% of the time, if I share a shoppable link on here, I get a small commission if you shop through that link. I will keep sharing shoppable widgets as well for looks and items I write about on the blog.

I hope you found this blog post as a helpful direction on what to expect more into the year. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions as you subscribe with your email address. Shop Items Below.

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