HOW TO: Style A Faux Fur Vest.

You may be wondering if Fur Vests are still a thing or if people still wear them, YES absolutely because they are very chic and stylish with a little bit of sophistication and edge to them.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on how to style a Faux Fur Vest. You can also check out My Instagram Page and Youtube Channel for more Fashion and Beauty Tips.

Fur Vests are the softest, coziest and glamorous outfit you can think of. Although they are considered a style for the stone age, there is absolutely nothing wrong if you own a Faux fur vest now, no matter what fabric it is made of because there is a free will to choose what you want to wear and how you want to style it. What is more important is the fit, style and the comfort.

As the winter season approaches, a Fur Vest is suitable for layering and they create that additional warmth and style to your over all look. As pictured above, I decided to style mine with a black mock neck top and a basic Mom Jeans. My choice of top was to help create that balance with the bright yellow vest by toning it down just a bit.

As a transitional piece, you can layer your fur vest with a sweater, a denim or a dress depending on your personal style or preference. However you choose to style yours, it definitely keeps you warm while being stylish.

For my accessories, I used these my Aldo booties and a yellow bag to style. Boots to compliment the mock neck top and the bag to compliment the faux fur vest. I also personally think that faux fur vests are very edgy and fun to style, most especially when you throw on a pair of black leather leggings and some knee high boots.

Of course, if bright bold colors are not your thing like mine, you can go opt for blacks, nudes, whites or grey. These colors are perfect to help with your choice of pieces to style with.

As stated earlier, it is totally up to your personal style on how you would love to style a fur vest. It can range from a simple tee, to a cable knit, to a white button down shirt or just a plain long sleeve Tee. It all depends on your style preference and you can absolutely rock one no matter what your size or shape is.

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