The Best Planner For Bloggers and Influencers.

The Ultimate Blog Planner

A Planner is a good way to stay organized in regards to your blogging life, and when it comes to your checklists, it is an easy way to stay on top of your projects. Truth be told, I never thought I needed a planner to schedule my social media posts, until I got very busy with jam packed deadlines to submit brand deliverables. Although I always stayed on top of them by scheduling posts on my Phone, I still felt the need to have an actual planner that I could pen my thoughts down.

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Best Planner For Social Media Content
Blogger_Influencer Planner
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This spiral bound paper 12-month planner helps plan blog contents for the year. It breaks it down into days, weeks and months where you can stay organized. It gives you the structure of when, where and how of your blog posts, keeps track of what needs to be written, edited and uploaded. (Via Shop Love Tag Agency)

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It is a 105 Page count planner with Cover/Intro, Vision, Blog Profile Checklist, Monthly Blog Trends, Category Planning, Story Highlights Planning, Motivational Quotes, Week at a Glance, Month at a Glance, and Notes, (Via Shop Love Tag Agency)

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