Valentine’s Day Inspired Look.

Valentine's day Inspired Look

We are three weeks away from Valentine’s Day, how exciting!!! While some may feel indifferent about celebrating this year, there is still opportunity to wear something cute for a socially distanced date night or you may be planing something romantic at home. Whatever the situation may be, it is a good day to look fabulous.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on Valentine’s Day Looks.

Valentine's day Outfit Idea
Red and Pink Look For Valentine's day

Let it be known that you don’t have to wear the typical red and pink for Valentine’s day. On Friday’s blog Post, I shared a colorful blouse that was infused with purple and blue hues. Those colors are acceptable and doesn’t beg the question if your outfit is Valentine’s day appropriate or not. Wear something chic, flattering or stylish and you are good to go. Egs Slip dress with a check blazer, A pair of Jeans and Silk Top, A Flattering Trench Coat, A Cute Cardigan or Sweater and a Pair of Jeans.


For the love of this color combination, I went ahead and created a look, carefully matching both colors in a way that looks wearable for those who are not color lovers like myself. Since I wanted red to be my bottom piece, I paired these pants with my Vince Camuto Blush Pink Top and this Silk By The Way Kimono (Linking another option HERE), defining my waist line with a red belt.

Valentine's day Chic look
Pink Kimono For Valentine's Day

Chose this Jessica Simpson ruffled shoes to compliment the pink look and the red Steve Madden purse to compliment the belt and pants. Kept my makeup simple with a bold red lip on, and my French twist earrings to accessorize.

In my upcoming blog post, I will be sharing other Valentine’s day Looks that are not the typical red and pick hues, just to give you a visual understanding of the looks you should go for. In this Blog Post, I shared amazing pieces from Tops to Dresses that will be perfect for Valentine’s day.SHOP THOSE LOOKS ABOVE.

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