Sustainable Consumption In Fashion.

Sustainable fashion

I am all about affordable shopping, but if you continuously purchase clothes because they are “affordable”, it becomes over consumption which is against sustainability. There has to be that balance whether your items are affordable or not.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on how to reasonably consume clothes while fostering sustainability in Fashion.

Sustainable Consumption
Sustainable Fashion

If you have read a couple of my blog articles, you will know I am advocate for sustainable fashion and time again, I have stated that sustainability isn’t only associated with secondhand clothing or thrift finds, it is also the ability the restyle or repurpose your clothes in different ways. We are in the habit of purchasing the latest fashion, the new trend, the next sale or the newly launched item. Have you paused to ask “Do I need this many clothes or am I constantly consuming clothing items?” If the answer is YES, then you are going against SUSTAINABILITY.

Needless to say, I have found myself on a joy ride of purchasing new items frequently and this also includes thrift items that are considered sustainable. The act of constantly shopping, whether thrift finds or not, is considered OVER CONSUMPTION. Which brings me to the point where I state it is okay to repeat and restyle your clothes in several ways.

Over Consumption In fashion
Sustainable Fashion.
How to restyle clothes

Last week on my blog, I shared a look where I styled these faux leather pants and boots. I also shared an Instagram Reel last weekend where I styled this thrifted turtle neck top and my sea foam coat has been featured on my page as well. All to say, is that I have worn these items just recently in different ways and if I didn’t point them out, you may not have noticed at all.

Sea Foam Green Look
Monochromatc Look
Winter Looks

As Spring approaches, I employ you to work through your closet, take a visual stock of what you currently have, play dress up to see how you can style and restyle items, make a list of items you think you “Need” and stick to that list so you don’t run into a shopping spree and crash into over consumption. When you do this consistently, you will be amazed at how many outfits your closet can produce.

Monochromatic Look
Winter Style
How To Style Coats

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