Tips On How To Thrift For Clothing Items.


I never knew what thrifting was until I moved to the US. I kept seeing people talk about it and I was curious as to what it meant, until a friend explained what it was and was kind enough to take me on my first thrifting trips, which I fell in love with instantly! Since then, thrifting has grown massively on me and I can say I’m an avid thrifter.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be answering my most asked question & sharing tips on how to thrift for eye catchy clothing items. First, if you haven’t yet subscribed to My Blog, kindly hit the menu button above and fill out your email address.

Tips On How To Thrift

My number one rule when thrifting is, go in with an open mind even though you know what you are looking for. It’s the thrift store and there is no certainty as to what will be displayed on the racks, there is no website to say I saw this online so I will hop into the store to grab one. It is a treasure hunt, keep your eyes on the items and dig through the racks.

Choose a location you plan on visiting. I hear people say the wealthier neighborhoods have the best thrift finds but that’s a myth because I have travelled to places I thought I would find the “best thrift items” and came out disappointed, but casually drove into one by a road side or a small town, and found a “gem”

Shop on a specific day and time- Wednesdays and Sundays most preferably for Goodwill, when the stores won’t be packed or jammed up like a Saturday. Those days have the most sale items in color tags.

Be nice and respectful to the cashiers and attendants. They tell you what tags are on sale (even though there are display boards saying so) or when they will be stocking newer items. In general, just be respectful to cashiers no matter what.


Always look out for quality items with the best fabric components eg Cotton, Wool, Silk etc those are the items that are made of quality fabrics. Most times, you see a combination of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, that okay, buy it. Also keep an eye out for unique items, items that don’t look common because the goal is to look different and stand out with your thrifted pieces. Pick items that are rare to find, items that fast fashions barely make etc. When you wear those items, I guarantee you people will ask where you got it from.

Shop by clothing tags as well, you can do a quick research of a brand tag if you are not sure of it, to see the actual retail price or its origin. Most times, I have found items from the 60s that go for $300 and they are just sitting on a rack in Goodwill. Also, there are some items you will find with new tags on, that is a plus.

Pick items that you think look interesting, just throw them in your cart, walk around in search of other items until it’s time to check out and decide if you still want it. You don’t want to leave a potential item on the rack with hopes of coming back to it.

Be patient and dig thoroughly through the racks, look at every item you possibly can because there are some items that are stuck in between and won’t be found if you don’t patiently dig through.

Visit the thrift stores frequently, at least twice a week, that is how to find good quality items. I am always nearly lucky each time I go thrifting because I go often, having nothing specific in mind but come out with a Gem.

Inspect the items for any damage before purchasing because most thrift stores don’t accept returns or exchanges, they may only permit in store credit.


Shop for items off season. I do this anytime I go shopping. I find myself shopping for Coats/Jackets during summer, because they tend to be cheaper and not in high demand. People don’t really go shopping for sweaters, cardigans or Coats during summer, so that gives you an opportunity to be digging through the racks without any hassle from anyone else.

Finally, always clean out your closet to donate items before going to the thrift store. I don’t do this every single time I go thrifting because some trips are impromptu. However, it is a good practice to cultivate as you encourage sustainability.


Thinking of thrifting but don’t know how to start? You can check out My Online Vintage Shop were I listed pieces that I find. I have done the ground work, so all you have to do is shop easily.

How to thrift

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