Restyling Outfits; Sustainability.


I am all about advocating a cause for which it is normal to repeat your clothes, restyling them in various ways to get multiple wears out of them. When that is done, we achieve sustainability and while that is sustainable, the practice of continuously buying new items is truly not sustainable neither is it realistic.

Before we dive into this post, ask yourself this question, “How often do I restyle or repeat My Clothes”? If you struggle to come up with an answer, then keep reading, this post is for you.


There is absolutely nothing barbaric about repeating your clothes and there is so much you can achieve by doing so. First, you begin to see the potential in your closet, the items you have left laying around for months become the new styling tool, your wardrobe begins to grow and expand in terms of wearable looks. The more you restyle your clothes, the more looks (outfits) you get from doing so.

Secondly, the financial benefit of restyling your clothes is immeasurable. Let us do away with the notion that we have to buy new clothes in other to create contents on social media or to attend the event you have planned out for the weekend. I recently read my friend’s post, where she said “Normalize Repeating Outfits”. She went further to tell me she fell prey into the idea of constantly shopping for new clothes for social media, and she is glad she stopped such practice.


I have stated uncountable times that it’s normal to restyle your items as that saves you money on the long run. This also includes shopping for secondhand pieces. Just because it’s a secondhand piece, doesn’t make it okay to shop continuously. You can check out this Blog Post on SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION. While I say all these, I must say I haven’t completely stopped shopping for new clothes because it is inevitable to not buy new items, but the question is “how often?”

Finally, they are your clothes, you bought them with your hard earned money, so why wear them once or twice, only to dump them and shop for newer pieces. That isn’t practical. Spice things up, switch up pieces in different ways and you would be amazed at how many times you can wear a particular piece.

This is a look I have restyled on multiple occasions and one of which is this look I shared this week. All I did was take off the coat which made the outfit look slightly different. Boots and tights are the same and my boots have been repeatedly worn through out this winter season. Sweater and Coat Thrift finds, tights Primark (OLD), my boots are Aldo and my belt, it has been featured on here on several occasions- belt is an express thrift find from OKgoodwill.


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