How To Style Pastel Outfits For Spring.

how to wear pastel for spring

I am sure you know by now that Pastel colors are the trend for Spring. If you haven’t heard, you must have seen some pastel looks just by scrolling through your phone (social media). Although I never join any trend, this is one that I saw myself jumping on before it became a trend because I am a color lover.

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how to wear pastel for spring
pastel looks
pastel outfit

Whether you are a color lover or not, pastels are soft shades that are wearable and easily styled, which I suggest you grab a few pieces to add into your Spring Closet. The hues are subtle, fresh and suitable enough to wear all year round. It doesn’t matter whether your style blends with pastels, they can easily be incorporated into your closet.

If you are concerned about looking like a bubble gum or cotton candy by wearing pastel colors, there are definitely ways in which you can style them comfortably. You can wear them as a Monochromatic look, by mixing different pastel shades or by adding a bold color to create that contrast (as pictured in this post). When you accessorize with bold bright colors, you break off a monochromatic look by adding a little edge to the entire pastel look.

You can also accessorize with different textures and patterns, to add a little dimension to the pastels. Add neutrals, mixed toned pieces etc. Strategically pick and style your pieces.

ways to wear pastel
ways to wear pastel


For styling, I used this my Vintage Shop Teal Green Blazer as my bright bold color and contrast break from a monochromatic pastel look. Also used my makeup bag as my bag accessory- that is called repurposing. Love the ribbed fabric of the bag and it can pass for a mini purse. Kept my makeup minimal and neutral, and finally threw on my thrifted Mules.

how to wear pastel for spring
styling pastel for spring
how to style pastels
how to style pastel

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