How To Look Stylish On A Budget.

Affordable fashion is a major aspect of my brand. Inasmuch as I love splurging “just a little bit”, I also enjoy mixing and pairing my clothing items, from thrift finds, to high street brands and up coming clothing lines etc. For me, it is all about building a well curated personal style than joining a trend bandwagon.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing ways to style your clothes and look incredible on a budget. If you seek the need on how to look nice without spending a ton of money, then keep reading, this post is for you.

Money is hard to come by and at the same time, you want to look stylish without breaking the bank or using all your savings on one piece. I am not against saving up to splurge on an item you love, but using up your “savings” on one item isn’t advisable. Over time, you must have accumulated pieces that are high ends, low ends and in between. Depending on what your taste is like, all you have to do is rotate in between those pieces. Pair your high ends with your low ends and vice versa.

Looking stylish isn’t about how much your pieces cost, but how well you wear them and carry yourself. If it’s a thrifted item, switch things up and make them look interesting. Mind you, most of my Blazers are secondhand and I always get asked where I get them from and I am pretty sure it’s asked because of how I wear them and not necessarily how much they cost! That is the technique I use for all my pieces. Be intentional on how you want to style them, rather than just having them.

colourful look

My outfit, was curated from different brands and depending on what is expensive for you, here is a breakdown. My blue radiance capri are from New York & Company and they cost about $70 at the time of purchasing and now they go for $34.97, paired it with this MOTF Tencel Ruched Top which cost $19.99. Styled both items with my Bamboo quilted mules I got from Burlington for $14.00 and my New Look (old) purse. My entire look cost less than $120 besides my jewelries. Sourcing affordable pieces from different brands and pairing them together will definitely make you look different and stylish. Remember, it’s not how much your pieces cost, it’s how well you pair them. Consider repeating your outfits occasionally/frequently by switching up the looks of each piece. It’s OKAY & NORMAL to wear your clothes multiple times because it saves you money on the long run.

You can try using these techniques for Spring, to curate a well rounded staple pieces/looks for the wardrobe and just under your budget. Source for pieces around ie thrift stores, malls (departmental stores), online shops, retail shops on sale and just work around by pairing them. Pin looks, ideas, concepts, styles etc and try them out, to see how they fit into your personal style.

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