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Diamonds Direct OKC

Would you agree if I say having fine jewels is part of self care? Having and wearing nicely made accessories is a way of expressing love for oneself. This can be in form of fashion jewelleries or diamonds, which includes but not limited to rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.

Today’s blog post is in collaboration with Diamonds Direct (OKC) and I will be sharing more on their upcoming Show Case event and my entire experience in store.

Although I had heard quite a lot on my radio station, this past Wednesday was My first time visiting the store on Penn Avenue in Oklahoma City and I was truly impressed. I had a warm welcome at the door with a very respectful lady who dressed the part. Afterwards, I was offered complimentary drinks while I waited for the Manager who gave me a quick but well informed details of the inventory they had, from fashion rings and necklaces to white gold, precious stones, diamond rings, statement necklaces and earrings etc. There were various pieces in beautiful shapes and design, nicely placed in the show glass. You could tell she has a vast knowledge in the pieces they had on display, which is key when you go shopping for jewelleries.

I was given a stack of rings, a pair of earrings and a diamond necklace to try on. I have a Marquise shaped ring on my pinky finger which is so adorable, love the cut and the size, definitely something I see myself wearing. Next on my ring finger, is a Cushion shaped diamond ring, beautifully made with excellent craftsmanship. If you are into big cuts, you should opt for this shape. Next to that is the Emerald shape I believe, which comes in a weighty feel and design. Pretty large and bulky, one that will be perfect for that elaborate, show stopping engagement you are looking forward to. Finally the yellow diamond which is every girls’ dream!!! One that will last forever both physically and in your heart.; well all of them will. 🙂

They are currently having a show case event, from TODAY April 9th until Sunday April 17th, where they will be showcasing brand new designs from their most popular designers, with extended inventory to shop across both their engagement and fashion styles. They will also be offering their best pricing of the year, with 20% off virtually the entire Diamonds Direct showroom.

Diamonds Direct OKC

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