Styling Mules For Spring Summer.

With Spring, comes all the beautiful sandals and mules in different colors and styles. Perfect for a bright sunny day, great with any outfit of your choice and flattering to your entire look. These footwear have continuously made statements year after year, from designer brands to fast fashion brands, and the in between.

On Today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on Mules and how you can style them for Spring and into Summer.

Lately I have been on a constant hunt for mules in all kinds. Not just the braided ones though, just mules in all shapes and styles. They are great in elevating a simple look, because they come in a very stylish design, with fun colours. There are beautiful versions with block heels to kitten heels, as well as the ones with close-toes and open-toes. The great thing about mules is the comfort and versatility, what allows you to wear them with lots of incredible outfits. Mules eludes a Parisian Chic Vibe and in some cases, edgy depending on the look you have on.

This is a simple look I put together to highlight the Mules. You can style yours with maxi dresses or midi dresses for spring summer and you can totally wear them with a pair of jeans or skirt, depending on your desired look. If you are going for an edgy look, you can go for some black pair of mules with fringe or straws, throw on a leather jacket or blazer to create that extra grungy look. This season, I plan on styling my mules with a ton of floral dresses for that perfect brunch or night out look with friends.


styling mules
styling mules for Spring
styling mules for Spring

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