What To Wear To A Party By The Pool.

What to wear for a party by the pool

There is a difference between a swimming pool party and a party by the pool. A pool party most definitely involves having the right bikini or bathing suit, getting into the water, splashing, jumping, diving etc while a party by the pool involves drinking and eating “by the pool” and not necessarily having to get into the pool.

In today’s blog post, I will be sharing more on how to dress for a party by the pool.

Although your intention isn’t to get into the pool, you never know how they day will end so it’s best to keep it in between and safe for the pool. With that said, opting for looks that will be safe for being around the pool while keeping it cute is key. These looks range from mini dresses, jean shorts, matching sets, paper bag shorts and tops but certainly nothing formal except it’s a formal event by the pool and if grilling and barbecue is involved, you want to be somewhat comfortable as well.

Fabric choices for a party by the pool is something you definitely want to consider as well. Parting by the pool may slightly expose you to being wet at some point, which makes it best to wear fabrics that will absorb water properly. Fabrics such as Lycra, Polyester & Nylon which are typically used to make swim wears are the best choice for these parties.

This is a Shop Cider dress I got a few months back and the moment I received it, I said what a perfect pool party dress. Bear in mind, I don’t swim but I was definitely open to wearing it to a pool party or party by the pool if ever I was invited. With a dress like this, throw over a cover all, a wide brim hat and a cute beach bag and you will be all set. Love the cross cross details at the back, delivering swimsuit vibes. The color, length and design are summer perfect!!

Side note, I recently discovered Shop Cider and I have been addicted to the site with them throwing Instagram ads on my feed. They are definitely a brand you should check out, if you are needing some summer outfits which will also be perfect for a pool party day.

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