How To Create A Wedding Guest Outfit From Your Wardrobe.

Wedding guest outfit inspiration

As we gradually wrap up wedding season for Summer, you may be out of ideas on what to wear or may not find a need spend more money on a new outfit. Don’t fret, take a deep breathe and look through your closet and you will definitely find or create something new and fresh for that wedding.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing tips on how to create a wedding guest look from your wardrobe.

While there is nothing wrong in repeating your outfits, I understand that you wouldn’t want to wear the same dress you wore for Jane’s wedding, to Annie’s wedding because there is a high possibility that the guests from both weddings run in the same circle. However, you want to look nice without buying something new. All you have to do is work your wardrobe!

Working your wardrobe is a term used by my friend Faye or @fayedelanty, which is a method in which you create new looks from your existing wardrobe without having to buy new items. This term embodies a true definition of being sustainable when it comes to fashion, and as a wedding guest, it is a method you can adopt to create a look for your next wedding. If you need to deconstruct, tear, fold, reshape, twist and turn, do it in other to create a new face or look to an existing piece. In this way, you can create multiple looks from one item.

I have owned this yellow body con dress for years now, and I still find it very flattering to style. However for a wedding guest look, I wanted to spice it up a little bit, so I added this sheer colorful shirt which I wore backwards and tied to the back, to create an illusion of a one sided top. Added some gold and colorful accessories to make the outfit a little elegant and cohesive. All simple pieces, turned and twisted from its original look, in other to create something new and befitting for a wedding guest.

With these tips, get into your wardrobe, find that old dress you haven’t worn in a while, add another piece to make it look different, play dress up, pair different accessories to see what works and bring that old piece back to life! It’s usually style fulfilling to pick up an old outfit to restyle in a new way. In that way no one recognizes your outfits as a wedding guest.

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