Sephora’s Clean Beauty Favorites.

Sephora’s Clean Beauty Favorites

Clean beauty has been the forefront of the skincare and makeup industry. Brands are clamoring to be known for their clean and environmental characteristics. While these are being the objectives of brands, consumers are making the conscious effort to switch their skincare products to a safer and clean line.

On today’s blog post and in collaboration with Saturday Skin, I will be sharing more on their 4 top skincare sellers.

Saturday’s Skin curated four of their top best-sellers in Sephora for us to try out during our skincare self-care time. These products are brimming with super-fruits, superfoods and botanicals that are powered by science. The Pore Clarifying Toner with 10% Glycolic Acid, Pore Control Complex, Rub-A-Dub Refining peel gel, Waterfall Glacier water cream and Yuzu Vitamin C sleep mask! Be rest assured, these are clean beauty certified at Sephora and you know what that means!

The Pore Clarifying Toner with 10% AHA + Pore Control Complex, helps to address the look of skin tone and texture with a special blend of 10 percent glycolic acid and the pore control complex—witch hazel, tea tree oil, and red clover. The blend helps create the appearance of a smooth, poreless complexion. It was my first time using the toner and I love that it didn’t dry out my skin, but left it hydrated before applyingI applied my moisturiser.

Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel is a refining peel gel that gently cleanses skin and improves dullness with natural enzymes like papaya and bromelain from pineapple. I am yet to try this out but it sure sounds like a great product. (Via Saturday Skin)

Natural enzymes work to dissolve dead skin cells while helping to clear out congestion. Aloe leaf calms and soothes skin, making this ideal for even the most sensitive skin types. This multi-tasker has skin ready for the week, appearing refined, brighter, and more evenly toned. (Via Saturday Skin)

Waterfall Glacier Water Cream is a next-generation water cream that envelopes skin in hydration to reveal a brighter, more supple appearance. This has to be one of the most hydrating cream that I have used. It’s gentle on the skin and absorbs easily. I used after the toner and they are the perfect duo! Light on my skin and keeps it hydrated without being heavy on! This gel-cream is rich in minerals and antioxidants and hydrates skin for a brighter-looking, more supple complexion.

Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask, is a unique jelly-texture mask that makes your skin feel better than the day before by tapping into the yuzu fruit, which contains three times more vitamin C than any other citrus. It works overnight to soothe skin, support better barrier function, and improve dryness so skin feels hydrated, supple, and smoother. (via Saturday Skin). This was the first product from Saturday Skin I ever used, and I was for sure blown away by the results I got the morning afterwards. My skin always looked instantly bright and glowing the next morning. Doesn’t feel heavy at all, cooling on the skin and absorbs nicely, although sticky before complete absorption.

Sephora’s Clean Beauty Favorites
Sephora’s Clean Beauty Favorites

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