Summer Looks Recap.

how to style straw hats for Summer

Summer is gradually leaving us and I thought why not share a recap on some of my favourite looks. This season, I was able to dive into my creative colourful style, and create looks that were not only vibrant and fun, but also depicted my personal style.

Let’s admit, straw hats and bags are summer staple accessories that will always be in for the season. It doesn’t matter the style or size, they are necessary all summer long.

Florals are mostly worn in Spring Summer because it’s the season of bloom, where flowers, trees and plants begin to flourish. These fabrics are delicate and beautiful in their unique design, whether they are worn as dresses, tops, shorts or pants.

Styling oversized shirts were huge and still are this season. The comfort and style they bring to a look cannot be overemphasised. Work with silhouettes when styling oversized pieces. You either go big and small down or big and big but do it in a thoughtful way.

Color blocking looks were sure a hit this season and oh boy did I have fun with them? I still am because there are endless looks and combinations you can get from colourful pieces. A great way to do it is by combining pastels with pastels or bold with bold and for toned down contrast look, you can pair a bold piece with some pastel pieces.

Lastly, what’s summer without a pretty polka dot dress, with an incredible A line silhouette! This was one flattering dress I styled for summer and the best way to highlight it was adding the perfect bunch of flowers into my rattan bag, to create that picnic look.

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