Key Elements When It Comes To Colour Blocking Outfits.

How to style color blocking outfits

It’s always interesting putting color blocked looks together, and more resounding when you apply some key styling tips to your looks. Those tips help your colour blocking outfits look stylish and unique. Every and anyone can colour block an outfit, but what makes yours stand out?

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing some tips to use when styling colourful looks for Fall.

Styling a color blocked outfit is all about texture and balance. Once you master how both elements work, you will head for outstanding colourful looks.

By balance I mean, having a good idea on where certain pieces/colors should go. Eg I had tried styling the purple cardigan and pants as a monochrome look and throwing the neon sweater over it, but the balance didn’t seem right so I switched it up this way. Since I had these bright colors going on, I chose neutral accessories to also balance the colour scheme out, with the intention of not making the colors a little everywhere. The accessories take away, yet bring you back to the entire look.

Another great tip on how to style color blocked outfits, is by wearing different textures of fabrics to avoid being too uniformly. Different textures gives it character and definition rather than having one fabric from head to toe, which may make you look basic. The element of different textures, gives you the ability to also mix and match appropriately.

Stick to the color wheel if you are not adventurous like myself, as those give a safe idea of what colors can be paired.

The final tip is when in doubt for what color to accessorise with, always go with neutrals as you would never go wrong with them. If I had styled this look with a brown bag and shoes, it will go perfectly like I have styled with these beige pieces.

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