What Colors To Wear As A Dark Skinned Woman.

Colors a black woman should wear

Let’s face it, there is nothing more glamorous looking on a dark skinned woman than a bold colorful outfit. It is catchy, it is intriguing and it is captivating to say the least. Media had over time down played the benefits of wearing colorful pieces and projected more neutral and earthy tones to women, indicating that these shades depict sophistication, elegance and chic, meanwhile the reverse is becoming the case as most dark skinned women are beginning to embrace more colorful pieces and styling them in the most audacious way possible.

As a black fashionable woman, I am particularly expressive of my style through bold daring colors and prints. Sometimes, I attribute this characteristics to my Nigerian heritage as my culture is known for our bold and colorful fabrics. During my undergrad and Law school days in Nigeria, we were only allowed to wear certain colors (Black, white or grey) as those were acceptable to the profession. I got accustomed to this practice that I rarely bought colorful pieces for my closet and when I had an opportunity to wear something else, I began to gravitate towards colors as I felt deprived during those periods.

Now, what colors should a dark skinned woman wear? The question should be coined like “Is there any color a dark skinned woman can’t wear?”and my answer is NONE as the color of our skin has been made to look outstanding in any shade or color in the color wheel/spectrum. A dark skinned woman has a rich melanin skin that pairs well with any color, from the beiges, browns, whites, tans and all the way to the pastels, neons, orange yellow, jewel tones, magenta, greens etc you name it.

If you have been reading my blog articles for a while or following me on my Instagram page, you know without a doubt that I will choose a colorful look any day over a neutral one, and this is in no way against neutral pieces as I have a ton of blacks, whites and neutrals in my wardrobe but you will see more of colors on me than you will see a neutral look. Having to style them has been one of my favorite activities, especially yellow and oranges as there is something regal and elegant about a black woman in yellow even though we look good in everything. These colors never make us look washed out rather we radiate through them because colors are flattering on our skin tone and they are instant mood-lifters.

Wondering how to start incorporating more colors into your wardrobe as a black woman? I will link a couple of my blog articles here for your reference but you can start off by mixing and matching colors to decrease the intensity. Key Elements To Color Blocking Outfits, Styling Neutrals With Colors, Colorful Spring Outfits.

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