Black Owned Natural Skincare Line.

Black owned natural skincare business

One of my mottos as a content creator, is to highlight small business owners, with emphasis on small black businesses. It’s a personal way of giving back and supporting my culture, provided their values and products align with my personal brand.

In addition to fashion, one of my favourite contents to create and share is anything in the skincare/beauty line and today, I will be sharing more of Neem Naturale.

Neem naturale was created and owned by a black couple who for the love of their medical profession, decided to create a line of Neem infused soaps, to share with all who desire a plant based, natural way to nourish and care for their skin.

Their products claim to not only be infused with Neem oil, but also made with 100% organic Neem leaves which undergo an all natural process to maximize their anti-aging and hydrating properties while allowing them to act as a light exfoliant. It can be used on all skin types, but is particularly beneficial in treating dry skin, acne, and inflammatory skin ailments. (Via Neem Naturale) As someone with dry skin, I was eager to try out their products, especially the body balm.

Vanilla Lavender Body Balm.

I’m particular about the texture of any skincare product especially balms, as those tend to determine how easily they can absorb into my skin. This body balm is nicely made, with a smooth texture which melts into the skin easily. Lightly fragranced, not over powering but mild enough to keep you scented. If you react to overly scented products, this will be a good pick for you because it’s mild.

Vanilla lavender soap

This bar soap is naturally handmade, gently scented and lathers properly. Love the packaging as they remind me of eco friendly products. Simple beautiful and comes in different fragrances.

They are currently running a Valentine’s Day Premium Spa Gift Set and you may want to check that out.

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