Best Bronzing and Highlighting Products For All Skin Tones.

Best liquid illuminator for all skin types

One thing I love about bronzers and highlighters, is the fact that they are not seasonal and all skin tones can wear them especially the Iconic London products.

While they may not be for everyone, there is no doubt that for those of us who wear them, can attest to how they contribute to the flawless finish our make ups have. Not everyone wears makeup or goes the full mile of using bronzers and highlighters, but for us who do, we are always on the hunt for the best of the best and brands are ready to make available what they think is best.

Iconic London Illuminator and Bronzing Powder
Best Bronzer and Illuminator for all skin types
Iconic London ultimate bronzing powder and radiance booster

I have used a couple of highlighters but not so much of bronzers and I can say that Iconic London has one of the best lines. Although I recently got my hands on a few of their bronzing and illuminating products, I have been hearing so much buzz about the brand and how great their products are, especially their illuminators.

In this blog post, I will be focusing on three products from Iconic London. Their Radiance Booster, their Iconic Illuminator and their Ultimate Bronzing Powder. The first product I got my hands on, is the Bronzing powder and let me tell you, it’s the softest and velvety bronzer I have used, next to the Becca Sunlit bronzer.

radiance booster.

The Iconic London Radiance booster introduced a new technique in which I applied liquid bronzers. Although it is considered to be a luminous moisturizer, I decided to use it in place of a liquid bronzer and let me tell you, this thing looks incredible on the skin. You can apply it all over your face or under your foundation to achieve that radiant healthy glow.


The bronzing powder imparts a healthy sun kissed warmth to the skin and it’s a great way to add definition to your entire makeup look. Since using this bronzing powder, I always use it for when I want that full glam look. It gives that natural matte finish without any shimmer, which makes it wearable for an everyday look. Whenever I use a liquid bronzer, I use this iconic bronzer to set the look!

Iconic London ultimate bronzing powder and radiance booster
Iconic London Illuminator and Bronzing Powder
Best Bronzer and Illuminator for all skin types

liquid illuminator.

Finally, the newest product which I got my hands on is their illuminator which I think is the coolest amongst all three. I also love the idea of being able to mix these products with your moisturizer or foundation to achieve that luminous glow. I used it and my skin looked simply gorgeous with that subtle everyday glow.

It is definitely a great way to have a healthy glow without having to wear a tinted moisturizer or foundation. When I applied it, I went ahead and added my cream blush for that flushed cheek look.

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