Fall Transition Looks; Fall Essential Pieces.

Seeing that Fall is here, I decided to share a recap of some of my Fall transition outfits from last year with essential Fall pieces you will need for the season. However, I shared a couple of Fall outfit reels over on my instagram.

Surprisingly, the weather has dropped here in Oklahoma and I will be needing a light layer of cardigan or jacket to keep warm. Thankfully shops are stocking up on these Fall essentials that will make for a good Fall outfit.

how to shop secondhand clothes for Fall
how to shop secondhand clothes for Fall
How to wear cable knit for Fall
Chunky knitwear and how to style them.

What is Fall without a pair of boots, especially a white pair. They have a way of keeping your look simple and refreshing for the season. Blazers are also a wardrobe staple when it comes to Fall fashion trends! It’s an all year staple piece and more importantly a necessity when it comes to layering. With both items, you can easily style your summer pieces for Fall.

How to style your summer pieces for fall.

Fall doesn’t mean your summer wardrobe should be packed up. It’s the time to actually get creative on how to style your summer pieces with your Fall essentials. A typical example is a slip dress as shown above. All you need to style such pieces for Fall, is by adding a cardigan, sweater or blazer to your look.

Fall Fashion Trends, Fall Transition Pieces
Fall Fashion Trends
How to style a Plaid look for Fall
Fall outfits

A Fall wardrobe isn’t complete without a trench coat, as they are known to be great Fall transition pieces. A trench coat has a way of elevating a simple outfit. They are great styling pieces with dresses, T-shirts, jeans, leggings, skirts etc. Boots in every neutral shade is also a must have for Fall transition outfits.

Other Fall essential pieces include cardigans, hats, sweaters of course, knit skirts and dresses.

shop fall transition pieces.

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