How To Style A Maxi Skirt For Fall.

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Maxi skirts are back and they came just right on time for Fall. Although they have always been around, they came back reinvented and stylish for Fall Winter. Of course I had to create this fall fashion trend by infusing colors because it depicts my personal style.

Speaking of maxi skirts, not only are they trending for Fall, they are also good layering pieces for the season. With a maxi skirt like mine, you can wear tights underneath for an extra layer of warmth.

How to style a maxi skirt trend for Fall
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When styling Fall looks, you have to factor in your comfort because these looks consist of layers, whether that be thicker layers or lighter layers. Not only is this maxi skirt from H&M and on trend, it also comes in a comfortable style and fit.

It is an ankle-length maxi skirt with a crinkled weave. High waisted, which is one of my favorite styles, with covered elastication, a gathered seam below the hips and a flare to the hem for added volume and width. It has a roomy style which makes layering possible.

how to wear maxi skirts in the fall.

If you can get away without wearing tights underneath your maxi skirts, that’s a win for you until the colder months come by. Their roomy nature and length gives you enough coverage without having to think much about the shoes to wear. They have gradually become a wardrobe staple that goes with almost everything from a plain T-shirt, to a blazer, biker jacket and bodysuit.

Although maxi skirts can look draggy, adding a fashionable twist to them makes a whole difference. For a fall fashion trend, rather than going for a simple look, you can make it look dressy by styling with a cropped denim jacket, an oversized blazer depending on the fit, balance and proportion of your maxi skirt.

Fall fashion 2022; Styling a Maxi Skirt
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I styled mine with this thrifted blazer, a body suit and a pair of sock boots which depicts the perfect fall fashion trend for 2022. While I don’t follow trends as I always say, skirts are a staple that I have owned for the longest time regardless of trends or not. Added pops of color with my sunglasses and the crossbody bag.

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