Spring Summer Fashion Trend For 2023.

how to make your thrifted clothes look modern? Pair them with a modern item or upcycle them.

The season is in full swing, so is the fashion trend and you can never go wrong with any outfit that has a denim flare to it. Denim is classic, it’s vintage, it’s contemporary because it’s a fashion piece that is ever evolving. 

One of the easiest ways to look put together is by throwing on a denim piece, whether that be a pair of jeans, skirt or shirt. They are easy to dress up or down and I am not surprised that they are back with different twists.

How to style a denim outfit for Spring Summer 2023
Vintage denim skirt look
how to make your thrifted clothes look modern? Pair them with a modern item or upcycle them.
Denim on denim outfit idea



As a Spring Summer trend for 2023, you definitely need to add one to your closet because its a forever staple. One of the best places to find good quality denim is the thrift store. Thrift stores always have the best options especially Levis which can be expensive but you get them cheap, in good condition and great quality. I found this Vintage denim skirt in a thrift store, and it’s been one of the best additions to my closet.

However, so many fast fashion brands have bought into this Spring fashion trend and there are a ton of options online to shop.

HOW TO STYLE A DENIM SKIRT for spring summer.

You can decide to style your denim look in a monochromatic way by wearing all denim or you can opt for a Chambray piece to make it less uniform.

Denim skirt or trousers can be easily dressed up or down, for Spring Summer. You can style your denim piece with a t-shirt or top and for a more classic look, a white button down shirt, a pair of heels and a sturdy bag. Whether that be in form of a dress, a skirt, bell bottoms for a more 2000s look.

Speaking of 2000s look, I just got a pair of wide leg (bell bottom) denim trousers and the fit was incredible. Pair that with a denim corset or a white button down shirt for a simple look.

Lately I have been seeing these deconstructed denim outfits as a take on a monochromatic look. They can be very grungy and edgy. However, if that isn’t your style, stay clear and keep it simple with an oversized button down shirt or a blazer for that classic spring fashion trend.

Monochromatic denim outfit
A Vintage denim skirt look

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