Essential Items To Have For Spring Summer.

essential items to have this Spring Summer

As much as spring summer clothes are important, there are some items that are all very essential especially when it comes to body care.

On today’s blog post, I will be sharing three important items that you need to add to your Spring Summer collection.

essential items to have this Spring Summer
“NEW” Banana Bright Mineral Sunscreen by Olehenriksen
benefits of using a sunscreen daily
summer essentials

The first essential item you need is a sunscreen. I recently shared a blog post on the benefits of using a sunscreen. Not only is a sunscreen essential to have, it is a key skincare product we ought to use daily throughout the year.

As the season gets hotter, it’s best to have a sunscreen handy at all times and reapply as the day progresses. The benefits of doing so is to prevent sun burn, skin discoloration, skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, reduce inflammation and to prevent the signs of aging.

I received this New Olehenriksen sunscreen as a gift to and I must say it has a lovely citrus scent to it and the texture is almost creamy like a lotion. Unfortunately, it does leave a white cast on my dark skin. However, I read some reviews that said otherwise especially on light skin. By all means try it out as I hear it leave a glow look underneath makeup.

spring summer accessories.

spring summer wardrobe essentials
spring summer wardrobe essentials
benefit of using sunscreen daily
sunscreen is an essential item to have for Spring Summer

The next Spring Summer essential is a pair or pairs of sunglasses. This may seem trivial but they are very important as they add that layer of coverage to your face especially your eyes. I will advise you keep a pair everywhere ie your car, your children’s bag, and your bag etc because you never know when you will be needing one when the sun is high.

The next essential item to have this Spring Summer is a Straw Hat. They not only provide that coverage from sun, they are accessories that make your summer outfits look chic. I love a good straw hat in different shapes. You can get either a wide brim hat or a boater hat whichever suits your personal style.

With these three items and a good bathing suit and coverup, my summer wardrobe is beach ready.

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