Basic Skincare Tools You Need.

basic skincare tools you need

Whether you have been on a skincare journey for long or you are just starting out, there are some basic skincare tools you will be needing. However, these tools are not exhaustive and you can add on to what you may consider basic or necessary depending on your skin needs.

On a day to day basis, these are the skincare tools I have come to realize are necessary especially when I take into consideration how regularly I do my skincare.

basic skincare tools to use at home
basic skincare tools to use at home

The first and most important skincare tool you need is a cleansing brush. We wash our face daily and it’s only right to have a brush that helps with not just cleansing but deep cleansing. I have been using this Vanity Planet Facial Cleansing Brush for over two years now, and it has been a great addition to my skincare routine. I highly suggest getting one for your daily facial cleansing routine especially if you are aiming to have a clearer and more glowing skin. It’s non abrasive and can be used morning and night.

The second tool according to priority is a jade roller and gua sha. These tools were originally from Ancient China, which has gradually made its way into the beauty tech world and adopted by most and if not all skincare brands. The concept and use of a Jade roller and Gua sha transcends into the benefits they provide to your skin. They help your skincare products absorb better, while reducing inflammation, lymphatic drainage, collagen production etc.

The third skincare must have tool is a Facial Steamer. When used weekly, they help to open up your pores for your skincare products to absorb better. They help with moisture and hydration, uncloging your pores to minimize acne. They keep your skin looking youthful.

The fourth tool is a Dry Brush. Although this routine hasn’t been adopted by many, it has fast become one of my favorite rituals to do every other week. It helps with blood circulation, brushing of dead skin cells, lymphatic drainage etc. Dry brushing has so many health benefits than just the routine of doing it.

Finally, you need some skincare spatulas especially for your mask and moisturizers to avoid deeping your fingers into your containers and cross contaminating them. A mask spatial helps to apply your masks evenly and keeps your fingers away from your products. They are overall better than using your fingers especially when they do not require you to massage.

beauty tools to use at home
basic skincare tools to use at home
beauty tools to use at home

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