How To Style Bold Monochromatic Looks; The Cargo Pants Trend.

how to style cargo pants

One of the easiest ways of looking put together with minimal effort is by styling monochromatic outfits. If you are new to my blog, this isn’t the first time I will be sharing tips on how to style a monochromatic look.

However, for recap purposes, these are the ways to style an effortless monochromatic look.

monochromatic outfits
monochromatic outfits
how to style monochromatic outfits
how to style monochromatic outfits

I always go for bold monochromatic looks because they make you stand out. Although neutrals are cute too, but a well put together bold look always looks phenomenal when creating monochromatic outfits.

The first step to styling a cohesive look is by picking a color of your choice. It doesn’t have to be a particular color, but anyone that you feel comfortable wearing. Once that is done, you begin to narrow it down to the shades you want to style. When creating monochromatic outfits, I tend to choose different fabrics in other to break the uniformity that comes with styling such looks.

When narrowing down your shades, keep in mind that they don’t have to be exactly the same, but should come from the same family of color. Eg. Styling bright orange with muted orange (peach) is a good way to create such look.

accessorizing monochromatic outfits.

First, we have to talk about these cargo pants. Cargo everything is a hot trend right now especially pants, which I instantly fell in love because they give a wide leg pants silhouette. Although they wouldn’t normally be my personal style because they look edgy with the pockets, but I love the fit and how people have styled them recently. I got this one from Fashionnova when I saw a blogger friend shared hers. These acid wash cargo pants may have rekindled my love for the giant fast fashion brand.

As most of you know, I am not one to follow trends except it’s already part of my personal style. The fit of these cargo pants definitely aligns with my personal style.

You can keep your look monochrome from head to toe or break it by accessorizing with different pieces to create an interesting look. I styled mine with these Kat Maconie heels and the sole bounces off the orange on my outfits while other colors create an interesting contrast. Bag of choice is this Looks Like Summer olive rectangular bag for that neutral balance.

how to style a cargo pants
how to style cargo pants for spring summer 2023
how to style cargo pants for spring summer 2023
how to style cargo pants for Spring 2023

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