Are Eyeshadow Sticks Taking Over Palettes?

Are eyeshadows sticks better than eyeshadow palettes?

In the past year or two, I have been seeing more eyeshadow sticks make entrance into the beauty industry. I keep noticing the increased availability in them as beauty brands adopt this new product concept.

The pressing question is are they taking over eyeshadow palettes and how long are they going to stick around?.

Are eyeshadows sticks better than eyeshadow palettes?
difference between eyeshadow sticks and palettes

difference between and eyeshadow stick and palette.

Without a doubt, eyeshadow sticks are more portable than palettes. They are easy to use, beginner friendly and seems to save space. However, this doesn’t mean that palettes are obsolete, because brands still release eyeshadows in palettes and in most cases, have them in compacts or quads which I prefer.

There are notable differences between them, one in which is the texture and consistency. An eyeshadow stick comes in a pen form, which makes it easy to handle and apply. It comes in a paste/creamy/waxy texture which can be either matte, satin, shimmer or metallic. While an eyeshadow palette comes in a dry powder pressed texture.

Eyeshadow sticks are more versatile than a typical powder palette. They can be manipulated to your desired results and in most cases used only on some points while smudging them out for a more blended out look.

For someone like me who doesn’t wear lots of eye look, the stick will be a better option. I have so many eyeshadow palettes that I never use or only use two shades, so economically speaking, it will be best to get the shades you love wearing in a stick formula. However, you are better off with a palette if you like having a variety of options and you wear lots of eye makeup.

If you also find it difficult handling an eye makeup brush, an eyeshadow stick will be better for you because it’s like drawing on your eyes with a pen.

Graphic eye looks.

Speaking of graphic eye liner looks, using a shadow stick will be better than a palette. These tubes are beginner friendly to the point of you just swiping your favorite shade across your lid for a one and done look, without the use of an eyeshadow brush.

These Ctzn Cosmetics eyeshadow sticks are the perfect example of versatile, dual ended, pigmented eye elements. They are for every complexion which features a rich matte finish on one end and shimmer on the other end. I have on shade “Deep Earth” which was easy to apply on my eye lids. The formula is beginner friendly and you can create a subtle natural look or a bold dramatic look.

difference between eyeshadow sticks and palettes
difference between eyeshadow sticks and palettes
Ctzn Cosmetics Eyeshadow sticks

Finally, I think they will be sticking around for a long time but they won’t completely take over palettes as those are forever the OGs when it comes to formula and texture combination.

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