How To Achieve A Glowing Bronzed Skin.

THE BEST GLOW oil and and glow serum

It’s that season where we get to amp up our glowing skin, whether that’s through bronzers, highlighters or glow oils etc, I believe in using all or any of them.

Are you out and about? Have a pool day, or shoot day? These products will definitely add that extra glow that your skin needs.

Athr Beauty Desert Moon Glow Oil
Best Body Glow Oil
Desert Sun Glow Oil

Depending on your preference, you can either go subtle with the Athr Beauty glow oils or if you want a full pigmented body glow, the About Face Light Lock Illuminator is definitely the one to go for.

Right now, I have been reaching more for the Athr Beauty Glow oil in Desert Moon. It’s a lightweight body and face oil that pairs well on my medium to dark skin tone. I prefer to apply it all over my chest area, arms and legs as it leaves these tiny shimmer details on my skin. (I just realized while writing this blog post, that Athr beauty closed down May 31st!, which is so sad, but I have linked other great glow oils below)

The Desert Moon oil is not sticky or heavy on the skin. It doesn’t transfer as it gives that subtle body glow. That is what I applied on my body in these photos. You can also use it on your face on it’s own for that natural dewy look or you can use under your foundation or moisturiser.

The Desert Sun oil gives more of a rose gold highlight. I barely reach out to that shade as I would often for the Moon oil. I think the Sun oil will pair better on light skin tones, while the moon oil pairs well on dark skin. Oh, and you can apply these on the high points of your face for that illuminating glow.

glow oils, serums and illuminator.

Merit Great Skin Instant Glow Serum.
Summer Body Glow Oil
Best Bronzing Body Oils

I started using the Merit Instant Glow Serum a couple of days ago, and let me tell you, GET IT!! wow that serum is the definition of glass skin. This bi-phase serum will leave your skin looking like a plump, fresh, smooth, dewy piece of art. The formula is made up of four types of Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Caffeine Rich Cacao and Japanee goldthread root. The combination is amazing and will definitely leave your skin glowing.

Finally, the Iconic London Illuminator has been one of my long favorites which I mix with my moisturizer. I usually apply it when I don’t want makeup, but want a little glow on my skin. On makeup days, it serves as a liquid highlighter for my cheeks, brow or collar bones.

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