How To Style A Semi Formal Streetwear Outfit.

how to style a semi formal streetwear look.

Generally, streetwear isn’t my style but I can pull looks together that can fit into what I would call a “streetwear” outfit. If you wear lots of jeans, then you can create or build a look around it to pass for streetwear.

A style may not be your type, but you can always work around it to make it yours. You can do this by tweaking your looks, adding what suits your personal style, make some modifications, accessorize to your liking until you create that balance.

semi formal streetwear outfit
streetwear outfit inspiration

When it comes to a semi formal looks, I sure know how to put that together. However, infusing streetwear elements was where I had a little challenge. Since sneakers are usually associated with these looks, it was a hassle for me. I do not own good pairs of sneakers to fit a streetwear look, so I opted for a stylish T-shirt.

how to style a streetwear look.

If ever you are in doubt on what to wear, throw on a T-shirt and style with a pair a baggy jeans. I kept my look semi formal by styling my T-shirt with this pinstripe midi skirt. Styled with these sunglasses to bring more streetwear element into my look.

Denim jacket or pants is also a great option when styling a T-shirt like mine. You can accessorize with bucket hats, platforms, crossbody bags etc for that grudging streetwear look.

Accessorizing this streetwear look was my favorite part. I complimented the rhinestone T-shirt with the choker necklace which brings femininity to the look. The feathered embellished heels stood out because of its color and it was a conversation starter besides the T-shirt. Adding these uniques pieces made it mine, while bringing the streetwear look together.

streetwear style
streetwear style
streetwear style

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