Are Blushes A Must In A Makeup Routine?

the best makeup blushes to have.

I have concluded that blushes play a vital role in the overall look of makeup. They complete your makeup look by tieing all products together. My everyday makeup look must include a blush whether it’s a powder or cream blush.

the best cream and liquid blushes to have

Whether you are into full makeup looks or simple everyday natural look, blushes are a must. I haven’t seen any makeup look where a blush wasn’t used. I have omitted so many steps in my makeup routine but I have never omitted using a blush.

Up until the last two years, powder blushes were the most talked about products, but now cream and liquid blushes have taken over the beauty industry. People with oily skin think cream blushes are not for them, but it works well with all skin types because they bring that natural fresh look to your skin.

I also believe that a blush completes your makeup look. They make me look more youthful and awake while bringing color and definition to my face. They also accentuate my face structure, especially when I apply them up towards my temple.

In the same breadth, I will choose a cream blush over any foundation because I tend to wear them more than any other makeup products. With a skin tint, good blush, some mascara and brow gel you are ready for your day.

reasons why cream blushes are viral
rare beauty blush
rare beauty blush

These are a few in my collection and I just recently added the viral rare beauty melting blush to it. It is a very compact blush that literally melts upon contact with your skin. The interesting formula converts from cream to powder upon application, and it’s light on the skin.

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