Affordable Clothing Shops.

Feels like a really long time since I published a blog post and it’s been only four days ago. Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Celebration because I did. Although a little different from the usual, it was still a wonderful celebration.

On today’s blog post, I will be listing and sharing more on some affordable clothing shops you can add to your shopping list come 2021.

If anything, I am sure we have learnt how to be a little bit prudent when it comes to spending which includes shopping for clothes. We all want to look out best with lout breaking the bank so here are some affordable shops you can look into if you haven’t already.

1. THRIFT SHOPS: Yes thrift shops are the plug! You will find quality clothes with good price points in a thrift store. I’m taking from $4 up with the most at $70 depending on the “type” of thrift store you visit. These prices vary from store to store but Goodwill is definitely a place to check out before heading to other thrift shops.

2. BURLINGTON: If thrifting/ second hand clothing isn’t your thing, you should totally check out Burlington. They are really affordable with good price points on their clothing items from shoes to bag and clothes. What I love about them is that they carry designer pieces and most items are in season or just past season which isn’t bad since you still get the piece.

3. MARSHALLS: I have a long relationship with Marshals because they happened to be one of the shops I came to know since moving to the US. They have quality clothing with affordable prices but slightly more expensive than Burlington. However, their prices are not on the high end depending on what you are going for. They also carry designer and stylish pieces. Also love their skincare/make up section. Although I haven’t bought an item from those sections lately, they aren’t bad either.

3. ROSS DRESS FOR LESS: I have a hate love relationship with Ross not because they don’t have good items at all but I will rather buy a footwear from them than a clothing because they tend to fade, depending on what you buy though. I have loved every shoe I gotten from them and they offer good prices as well for designer pieces. For their clothing section, it’s a hit or miss when it comes to the quality.

4. NORDSTROM RACK: This is one place I love!!!! Especially when they are on sale, you are sure to get good, quality items without breaking the bank. I have spent from $12- $100s when it comes to Nordstrom Rack and I have loved every single piece. It’s definitely a place to check out if you are wanting high end pieces without spending too much.

5. JC PENNY: When on sale, this is a place you should hit up. They have hidden gems of you search properly. This top pictured above, I got it from JC PENNY for $7 with a $44 tag which wasn’t the original price. Totally check them out of your work a 9-5 corporate job.

I will take a break here and continue in another blog post but also check out random shops in your local mall. These shops carry unique pieces in affordable prices.

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