HOW TO: Style A Tweed Jacket.

When we consider classic pattern fabrics, TWEED is definitely one of them. They are wool fabrics, particular with the Scottish and Irish Style. These fabrics and designs, date back to the 19th Century which are still used today for Coats, Suits and Jackets etc.

On Today’s Blog Post, I will be sharing more on Tweeds and how to style them.

Being an interwoven fabric with he shape of a “V”, most tweeds have multiple colors and this particular one has a hint of red which although not noticeable, I thought was perfect to highlight to make both items stand out.

You can totally dress a Tweed Jacket down with a simple T-shirt, a pair of Jeans and booties or dress them up as pictured above. I decided to style it this way to give that visual representation of how you can dress them up especially if you love Monotone looks but desire to add a little pattern to it. This is a very Chic and Sophisticated way to do so.

For an office look (9-5) you can swap the booties for some stilettos, block heels or square toe pumps if your office dress code permits OR switch the red sweater to a white button down shirt to keep it clean and


As a thicker fabric, tweeds are popular during the Fall/Winter because they tend to keep you warm and will definitely create that perfect outerwear for layering as well. Throw on your sweaters- turtle neck, mock neck etc underneath and you are good to go.

They are usually great for any business casual look or in certain professional settings. They tend to give the final touch to a Business Look.

I love accessorizing with belts to help cinch my waist in and to give a little dimension to my waist line. Also shared pictures without the belt on just to compare and contrast both looks, threw on two layers of necklaces to accessorize the mock neck sweater and some huggie hoop earrings, creating that gold accent through out my accessories. Finally, with some black patent booties to match the belt and create that balance for the entire look.

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