Valentine’s Day Outfit.

Colorful Valentine's Day Look

As Valentine’s day approaches, we will be thinking about outfits for that day, what to wear, and how to style them etc. These thoughts consists of a nice hair do, the perfect look, accessories and a good manicure. However, today’s post will be centered on “Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

A Valentine's day Look
Valentine's day colorful blouse

Valentine’s day is usually filled with reds, pinks, whites and in some cases black outfits but this time around, I decided to infuse a colorful top that not only has the typical Valentine’s day color theme, but also a burst of other colors that are fun, vibrant and complimentary to the typical Valentine’s day colors. In most cases, outfits that are filled with florals and hearts will definitely make you look like a Valentine’s day enthusiast but you can totally curate your outfit into what makes you comfortable.

Your day can be celebrating your girlfriends or your significant other. Whoever your celebratory factor may be, you may be thinking of a casual or dressy look. There is no hard rule that pieces with heart shapes, are deemed appropriate for valentine’s day, but something appealing to your personal style which can be a pair of jeans and a fun top like mine, a simple dress or something plain and flattering will make do.

Colorful Valentine's day Top
A Dressy Valentine’s day Look


Once I set my eyes on this pretty blouse on one of my Thrifty trips, I knew it was perfect for my style and even better for a Valentine’s Day Look. The colors, the fabric, the shoulder pad details and the sleeves are just perfect and flattering on the body. A top like this, can make an incredible look for Valentine’s Day, if you want to go for a more feminine style.

For styling, I kept my accessories minimal with my gold hoops and my MVMT wristwatch I featured in my last blog post. The belt is an added accessory to the blouse because they look great together. Kept my makeup simple while going for a Bold Pink Lipstick by Loreal.

Shades Of Pink For Valentine's Day.

I chose to go for a Magenta Shade to style the top because I love the vibrant tone of it and I was going for Bold Valentine’s Day look- You know I love my bold bright colors. These pants were the closest I could find in that shade while thrifting, and I hoped it would be a great pair with my Dolce Vita Magenta Shoes and the magenta shade highlighted on the top.

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