Does Weather Change Determine Skincare Change?

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is the best moisturiser for Fall Winter

As we approach the Fall/Winter season, it is apparent that the weather will gradually change or in some instance drastically change. The cooler the temperature, the drier the weather becomes, which in turn affect the skin. This cuts across all skin types, whether you have dry, oil y or combination skin. Hence, the change in weather conditions, will definitely bring some sort of adjustments to your skincare routine.

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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is the best moisturiser for Fall Winter

Not every season requires a change in skincare products and or routines, but Fall, late Fall and Winter requires a shift in your routines because of the level of moisture in the air. When the weather gets colder, your skin is most likely going to feel tight and dry, and for those with dry skin, your skin becomes even more dry and almost flaky. As we transition into Fall, humidity levels starts to drop as well, which causes a loss in hydration. Since the skin needs to stay hydrated, less humidity causes it to become irritated. If your skin is acne prone, you begin to see more spots pop up.

It is normal for you to begin to see some skin reactions when the weather changes, because the skin thrives on consistency and learn to adjust and serve your skin needs with these changes.

skincare for fall/winter.

Starting off with moisturizer, you will need a thicker rich moisturizer in the Fall/Winter season because of the drop/change in humidity levels. We tend to use lightweight moisturizer in the summer months because the air is humid. To prevent moisture loss you will need a heavier moisturizer to provide that extra moisture. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is a good winter option because it is heavy. Cocokind has a polytide moisturizing cream that is thick as well and you can try out Honest beauty Hydrogel Cream and Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Those are my best winter duo.

Facial oils are also great in locking hydration and moisture for your skin. They can act as an extra layer to protect and repair your skin’s barrier, especially in the upcoming dry and cold season.

Exfoliating less is important in the colder months. While exfoliation is necessary to remove dead skin cell and open up your pores, it is important to do it less in other to avoid skin irritation. Or use gentle and mild exfoliator. Increase the use of facial steamers and humidifiers to help with moisture production. The dryness in Fall/Winter, causes dehydration to the skin; and by increasing the use of a steamer and humidifier, you are producing more moisture to your skin which increase hydration.

You do not have to make major changes, but the little changes in your skincare routine can help your skin cope with the fluctuations in temperature; which in turn, protects and produce a healthy skin barrier.

Thicker Moisturisers to try out this Fall Winter
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